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Jan 30, 2020

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I've recently had Adobe Animate updated to CC 2020. At my company we have always used this program to batch create thousands of GIF banners more promotional materials because of its 'author time' symbol links where we update a master file and every linked file updates accordingly. 


We do this by having the master file placed in the same location as the many linked banners and they were linked via a relative path to the same folder. 



The './' representing the same folder.


With the release of CC2020, it seems we can no longer link to relative paths and it now only does absolute paths.

I.e C://banners/English/AuthortimeSharedAssets.fla.


If we use a set as a base for another set and copy it to another area, the links don't update accordingly to a relative path.


Our process is to create a symbol in our AuthortimeSharedAssets.fla file, copy it to the library in other FLAs in the same folder, select the corresponding symbol, select properties from the library and then link to the source file's same symbol - adding update automatically.


Is there any way to update the paths so that they are relative with the latest version? Or another process for f'ing this that I'm not familiar with?


This update has caused chaos for our work process and admit help would be greatly appreciated. 



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