Can't figure out how to make a pop up banner appear / disappear on click

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Apr 28, 2020

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I'm working on an HTML5 animation. I've got the animation built. At the bottom, there is text that needs to act as the "button" that will bring up a pop up box. Then it should hide the pop up with any click on pop up box. 


I've watched countless tutorials, but can't seem to get a script to make this work. Most of the tutorial have a set "view" and "hide" button which won't work with my project. I'm using Action Script snippits from the Code snippit panels. I've got my button set up as a button symbol (btnShow) and my pop up box set up as a movie clip symbol (mc_PopUp). One thing I'm having trouble with is how to also use that pop up box (mc_PopUp) to also act as a button that will hide itself when clicked.


If anyone can help, I would so appreciate it!



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