Controlling video Component(s) with different videos (HTML5 canvas)

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Jan 25, 2020 Jan 25, 2020

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Hi there, I have a project, in which I use an HTML5 Canvas to control/fire a bunch of videos (Video Components) by means of custom buttons in order to create some kind of interactive video. The idea is:


  1. to control the video by means of said custom buttons (works fine, especially thanks to ClayUUID),
  2. to trigger other videos either  by means of buttons - and/or 
  3. after a specific video has ended. 


For the last two points, I managed to achieve what I want, but in a pretty cumbersome way, i.e. directing to other frames with the same structure but new instance names for all elements. But actually, all elements do the same thing; so I am wondering how to do that in a more efficient way.


For example: if, after the end of a Video (V2), I want to jump to the next one (V3), I use this:


var Dif2 = setInterval(function () {
var condiA = V2.duration;
var condiB = V2.currentTime;
if (condiA == condiB) {
_this.gotoAndStop ("V3"); //where I start with the same code again, but this time for V3
clearInterval (Dif2);
}, 100);


...and in frame "V3" I start again to define where every button/condition is supposed to lead to. Well, it works, but I guess this is kind of silly and dangerous (working with around 50 video snippets, it is most likely that some copy/pasted code will be wrong). 


For the buttons, I follow the indications of ClayUUID, which you can see here.


So I am wondering how I can use the same buttons and code to load different videos into the same video component in a way  I don't have to create a new frame for every video and assign new instance names to every button, variable or function.


I already discovered the code snippet included in the "actions" window for loading new content into a video component, but in the way I applied it, it doesn't work. So I suppose that I don't understand how to put the code in the right order - or how to define the scope of things. 


I'd very much appreciate any hint. Thanks in advance. 


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