How Can I Learn Javascript in Adobe Animate?

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May 14, 2020 May 14, 2020

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I've been writing codes for a year now, and many people have told me that I'm the worst programmer there is. I know the basics, but somehow I missed some of the fundamentals and the concepts, and now I'm stucked at my game development. I'm using Javascript in Adobe Animate to create a very very tiny game that only involves clicking with mouse.


I followed a tutorial posted in this is site (this one) . I didn't copy the whole thing tho, I just trying to learn the basics and methods he's using. Now, there's a part in that tutorial that explains a bit about prototype. I have no idea what that is, and I just used it ignorantly as a way to bridge one function to another.



I have three scripts thatis distributed in three layers:

function Main(){
	this.Litter = new Litter();
	this.Money = new Money();
	litterP = 0;
	moneyP = 0;
	createJS.Ticker._addEventListener("tick", this.update.bind(this));

Main.prototype.update = function(evt){





function Money(){
	this._moneyP = 0;

Money.prototype.update = function()
	return this._moneyP;

Money.prototype.getMoneyP = function(){

exportRoot.money_1.addEventListener("click", Money.prototype.getMoneyP.bind(this));




function Litter(){

	return this._litterP;


Litter.prototype.getLitterP = function(){
		exportRoot.lit_1.visible = false;

exportRoot.lit_1.addEventListener("click", Litter.prototype.getLitterP.bind(this));




Everytime the instance called "lit_1", the value of litter_1 should be added by 1, and then its value should be printed in a textbox called "litterP_text". When I tried to click, instead of displaying "1", it displays "NaN". It seems like the value of litter_1 is undefined. The same thing happens to the money_1.


How can I solve this?




  1. What is this prototype?
  2. How can I access the variables declared on the parent function and access it in the prototype function?
  3. As a beginner, where can I learn Javascript in Adobe Animate? (I'm not talking about the documentation that is extremely hard to comprehend. Besides, my first language is not English, so I can't understand those technical languages most of them are using)




I've frustrated many people with my code, so before you complain, I would to apologize. Thank you for reading.

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