How to create a dynamic CMS and corresponding Navigation system from an XML file in Animate AS3

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Dec 04, 2019 Dec 04, 2019

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After looking high and low for this type of application using a single XML file and AS3 in CC Animate. I am approaching the Animate forum for clear instructions on how you can create a dynamic CMS system with it's corresponding navigation buttons sourced from a single XML file.


I have followed Adam Khoury's example and can parse the XML file and populate a dynamic text area within a box...


I need this to be improved and tweaked so that anyone without a knowledge of AS3 will be able to create their own nodes in an XML file and with a little tweaking could produce an easier method of less intensive updates and publishing metaphor.




I have a need for some ANIMATE AS3 and XML integration for an idea I have...


This is an example of the nodes for a record...










There are approx. 155 records. 


  1. RecordNumber: Numeric - Ascending order


  1. Location: Alpha Numeric, Round number, Date, Circuit details


  1. Heading: Alpha


  1. Firstpara: Alpha


  1. Bodytext: Alpha



All text to be XML with escaped characters


I visualise this as two movie clips.


  1. Navigation Buttons with the RecordNumber - SQUARE BUTTONS with rollover and down states in the script as it parses the XML, This MC will be above the content. There should be 10 BUTTONS visible with previous 10 records and next 10 records as a quick navigation system.


I need the Heading to appear on rollover (like a tooltip) below each of the SQUARE BUTTONS




ignore white space.


  1. Movie clip where the






<Bodytext>xxx</Bodytext> - this is to dynamically add a vertical scrollbar if it is deeper than say a depth variable that can be updated.


I need each of the fields/nodes to be styled so that I can edit the style.


I will be embedding fonts in the idea so I need to address them when the XML is parsed by the script


I need a sequential previous / next arrow navigation to all records so the user can navigate to those pages sequentially.


I also need...


A METHOD of adding a LocationFlag thumbnail which can be used to divide the TOTAL NUMBER OF RECORDS for each Location.


This is supposed to be  adynamic CMS and NAV system completely automated by AS3 when it parses the XML file.



I cracked understanding the dynamic content.


I need guidance on how the corresponding navigation system can be created...


Can anyone please explain. Appreciating your thoughts in advance. Thank You.

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