How to start my project, basic advice needed

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Mar 10, 2020

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Hello nice girls and guys,


I need a little help: I want to create sort of interactive photos, capture a horizontal mouse/touchmove and jump to the appropriate time in the timeline. I tried a little with Saola Animate, but the animations won't run smoothely on every iOS device. This is an animation made from 4 bitmap images, changing opacity appropriate to event position. And this is an animation made from 50 bitmap images and simply displaying the appropriate frame. So however I want to try again with Animate CC instead of Saola. But how to start?


What should I use? Actionscript? Or a HTML5 canvas? If HTML5: Where do I have to put the code to capture touch/mouse events? In the first layer? Or "global"? If global: How do I access the timeline from the global function? 


Maybe someone could have a short look of whatvI want to achieve and then give a proposal how to start?


Thanks a lot!











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