Importing assets from Illustrator to Animate

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Apr 29, 2020 Apr 29, 2020

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I am designing my first web banner ad. I understand file size has to be less than 150 KB. When I bring type from Illustrator to Animate, (either drag and drop to stage, or copy and paste) it makes the file size much bigger than when I set the same type in Animate. Importing type as type or outlining it makes no difference. Visually, it looks like the correct size. And I immediately make it into a movie clip, same as any type I set in animate. I don't understand why the file size gets blown up? Illustrator is so much better for type-with more control to kern and tweak. Animate apparently doesn't cater much to finessing type. Is there a way to import type and have it the same as Animate type in file size? OR is there a better way to kern text in Animate that I can't find?

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