Multiple Layers of Video & MC Animations

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Jun 30, 2020

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I'm new to Adobe Animate, but have used Flash in the past,
I have a few questions:

I have 3 Layers in a Animate HTML Canvas.

Layer 1 = Video 1 (background)
Layer 2 = MC based animation of Text / Images
Layer 3 = Video (forground)

I am trying to make Layer 1 Video play as the background, Layer 2 to animate in middle and Layer 3 play video above all other content. I have read about indexz= -1 but this affect all the videos, can we some how target which video to affect?

How can I create animation of Text + Images for Layer 2 without preventing the playback of the videos (they stop playing on a simply keframe of 2 images.

How can I play a list of videos / images from XML or text file within a component or on the stage as a time line?

I would appreciate your help guys !!
Thanks !







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