Open Sans Condensed Google Web Font Missing

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May 27, 2020

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Hello, I'm trying to use Open Sans Condensed as a Google Web Font on a dynamic text field, but it's missing from the Google Web Fonts dialog box. I can use Open Sans, but Open Sans Condensed is not available:


I need to use both Open Sans and Open Sans Condensed with dynamic text fields for dynamic data in my project. The only ways I can use Open Sans Condensed are if it's a static text field (can't use dynamic data), or a non-web font dynamic text field (the font is replaced by something else if it's not on the user's device).


Is there a way to add Open Sans Condensed to the Google Web Fonts library in Animate? Or, if I were to manually add it to the index.html file, is there a way to tell certain dynamic text fields to use it?


Thank you!







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