Paid Freelance Work - Re-creating a 2008 Flash Game

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Nov 06, 2019 Nov 06, 2019

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I'm very glad to see that this forum is back up and working.
I need the help of an AS3 Dev for a medium sized paid freelance project.

I do beleive I will need an Developer with an advanced understanding of AS 3 to help with this. Correct me if I am wrong though.

It's a bit of a recovery effort, I have to rebuild an old popular flash game to function on something more modern. Either mobile or desktop. It can be AS3 or HTML5, or whatever makes sense. The important part is that I can control any edits and swap moving parts based on community feedback. Have you done this kind of thing before?

I myself chose to master the animation parts of Flash. I have very limited knowledge of code.

Can I see if you're intersted by telling you a little about it?

  • Rebuilding a game that came out in 2008~ from AS3 to either AS3 again, or a function of Animate CC, Html5 Canvas, Air for Mobile, or whatever is realistic.
  • I already have working files of the thing I need you to re-create (working, final game.) I just need help either recreating it or customizing it. You might not even need to recreate it.

I think that sending you the working files is the best option. But here's a description in case you need to know more, I am also here to help as a resource.


  • It is an interactive, but short game.
  • The mouse moves up and down with some margin of error until it aligns with 2 library objects.
  • The mouse locks onto the library objects with some margin of error.
  • The library objects are a combination of graphics and movie clips that turn on and off according to the mouse movement
  • The mouse movement dictates the pace of the game, and progression.
  • Progression is measured byt wiggling the mouse to advance.
  • Advancing activates sounds and movieclips.
  • There is a sub-menu at the bottom that changes features, I would like to either exclude this or customize it to be more customizable based on community feed-back.


Like I mentioned, I am an animation expert in Flash/Animate CC and will be synergizing with a developer to re-create this game. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated. I very much intend on hiring someone who can turn this around quickly.

Please post your emails or send me a private message if you are intersted in learning more.

Thanks for reading,








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