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Dec 12, 2019 Dec 12, 2019

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I am trying to better a users experience, by loading images when necessary, or in the background of loaded frames.


I am using preloadjs to upload a necessary manifest in the first frame of a canvas project, with a percentage uploader. This is working fine, but not effective.


This is because the images are published through the Animate packager, and included in the project's manifest (index.js), so it is loading all the project's images first, and my preloadjs loader then loads it twice.


I also noticed that there is what appears to be a timestamp (?) attached to  the Animate manifest (my.jpg?754820789240), so if I just manually erase these items from the manifest of the index.js file, the files loaded by the preloadjs loader are not recognized in the project.


Sooo, is there a way to (1) disable the automatic preloading of all the project's images in Animate and/or (2) attach the identifyer to the preloadjs manifest programatically-  so it will match the project. eg-


queue.loadManifest([ {src:"images/my.jpg?"+identifier+"", id:"myimage"}

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