Relocating temporary export files?

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Apr 27, 2020 Apr 27, 2020

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Windows 10, newest version of Animate.


Hey all. I'm relatively new to Animate, but I knew Flash pretty well so it was an easy transition.

I've completed an animation that's about 3' and 190 MB and I'm trying to export it.


Now, I have an SSD that's pretty much just for my OS, I only have about 20 spare gigs on it. My HDD, however, has 1.6 TB, so no sweat. Of course I have Animate on my HDD. That said, when I attempt to export as mp4 (h.264), the initial progress bar goes up to 100, but then the last 20 gigs of my SSD slowly dwindle down to 0. When the SSD hits 0, Animate stops responding, and after about 15 mins, I get an "UNKNOWN ERROR; THE PROGRAM WILL EXIT" and Animate exits out immediately. After I restart my PC, the SSD is back to it's normal level.


I've been told that it is because Animate does a raw rendering to the C drive and then encodes that particular rendering into mp4? If this is the case, is it possible that I can change the directory for the initial, temporary export? 


Thanks in advance.


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