swf frame rate lowering over time

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Oct 24, 2019 Oct 24, 2019

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I am working on a series a short animations (less than 50 frames each) into movie clips for a video game. They are not very huge, nor complicated. I don't use any crazy filters or tint or whatever either. For some reason though, when I hit Ctrl+Enter to look at the result in real time, the first loop seems to roll at more or less the correct frame rate, but then as the movie clip loop over and over, the frame rate crashes and gets very slow and laggy. 

I sent the .fla to a friend, and he told me everything runs buttery-smooth on his side.

My computer is a fairly new gaming PC (about one year) and can run all games I own at max/high specs, so I don't think the hardware is the cause.

I'd really like to find a fix for that, as it makes my job way more complicated than it has to be. 








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