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Feb 19, 2020 Feb 19, 2020

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Hey everyone,


I was looking to be pointed in the right direction on where I might need to learn/figure out the resources required to get my video's in Animate to pause at specific times. After a brief chat with a colleague, he's mentioned I need to ping the video constantly to know what time it's at. As animate has no idea when the video reaches each increment.


My goal is to Play a video on a a specific second (which I can do easily) but to also pick when it pauses. The idea is these are interactive Animate scenarios where users click things on screen, a video plays, but then I want it to pause. Currently I'm counting the seconds and putting in pauses on the timeline but that seems less than ideal.


How would one go about scripting/coding in something that pings the video to know what time it's at, but then also exploit that so I can tell my video's when to stop playing?


Play on 20 seconds in, but tell it to be smart enough to pause at 28 seconds. Trying to also eliminate the need for sprawling timeline usage as some of these video's are using a lot of the timeline (my last one was 3200 frames and nearly 2 minutes of video from an mp4).


I have a hard time searching this content, I feel I need to dive in and learn it all from the ground up, so even if that's what someone can point me to that'd be great. I'm sort of being thrust into the position of an HTML5 developer, when my background is 3d animation, and using actionscript.








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