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editing while chasing video is a laggy sluggish and slow

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Jun 05, 2024 Jun 05, 2024

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For the past few years I've grinned and dealt with it, but Audition can be so difficult to use while chasing video within a multitrack session. I use mulitple Macs, PCs, high end and low end systems at our broadcast network, and this is happens no matter where I edit, all using the latest official builds of audition. Whenever I edit in multirack and have a video present, the following symptoms occur

- incredible delay while switching between waveform and multitrack views

- incredible delays while trying to spot in fx onto the timeline

- sluggishness while trying to trium clips on the timeline. 


i've tried adjusting the playback resolution and turing off spot video frame while adjusting audio clip, but honestly 

-these tasks aren't eaiting up my computer's memory at all, i shouldn't have to lower the resolution of the movie

-I actually need to use the spot video frame feature!

-it doens't improve the sluggishness much. 

the only solution is to:

Remove the video from the session and things work smoothly again. 

like i said this happens across all platforms, and doesn't matter if i use an AVI or an MP4, and those videos are all generated from my editors in premiere. What gives?! someone help me before i switch back to pro tools please!

Bug Unresolved
Multitrack editor , Performance or Stability , User experience and interface , Waveform editor






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