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Some third party effects rack plugins are ignored when applying in Waveform view

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Dec 05, 2023 Dec 05, 2023

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I noticed a few months ago a new issue appeared post-update where some VST/3 effects simply refuse to work when rendering/applying in the Waveform editor. So far I'm seeing this with some Soundtoys plugins like EchoBoy, and some iZotope plugins like Neutron 4. Sometimes the effects will work on a second try, as if I had to "activate" it or something. In the case of EchoBoy, it just flat out refuses to render. Yes I have the license activated. Everything seems to work fine in realtime and in Multitrack, and they print as expected when downmixing/exporting. But in waveform view when editing destructively, its as if certain effects are just being ignored when hitting apply, with seemingly no rhyme or reason outside being third party (have not yet seen the issue with stock effects).


I've noticed overall Audition has become incredibly unstable since the clip marker update. With many of these issues, I just have to restart the program. But here nothing has worked. I am not sure what else to try. I do not have issues with these plugins in FL Studio, for example. Nothing significant on my machine has changed since the issue appeared a few months ago. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Bug Unresolved
Effects , Performance or Stability , Waveform editor






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