Audition saves mp3's with incorrect track lengths

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Sep 14, 2021 Sep 14, 2021

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I'm working on a Mac with Big Sur and a fully updated Adobe Audition. I've notice that when I save a mp3, the Finder shows the file with an incorrect track lenght sometimes. The folder I'm saving to is then on Symbol View with More Info enabled so it shows both the file as a symbol and the length of that mp3 under it. For example, the time there would show as 12:54 while the correct song lenght would be 6:13. This incorrect track length also shows when I open the file in audio players like VLC. When I then start playing it, it resets the track length, showing the (more) correct time in that audio player. What works better is when I use the Export function in Audition instead of the Save As function (while both mp3 export/save settings are the same, so it shouldn't matter).


Another thing I noticed: when a folder is in Symbol View and while hovering over music files in that folder, normally a play button appears on that mp3 file's symbol. So you can play that track directly from the Finder. Not on files saved by Audition. It's like the Mac then doesn't recognize it at first as an mp3 file. I get only the symbol itself. There isn't a play button appearing on that symbol when I hover over it. A problem that also happens on files saved by Logic Pro I believe.


But my main issue is that incorrect track length when saving a mp3 file. It's set to constant bit rate by default (I've read that some would have that problem when saving in variable bit rate, but that's not the issue here). Is it an Audition bug or is there sometime I can do about it to make it save with the correct track length?








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