Help - Can't Export Session with "copy of all associated files" and Audition crashes on Mac M1

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Dec 03, 2021 Dec 03, 2021

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I recently contacted Adobe Support about this issue, and they couldn't help me unless I let them remotely access my computer, which I am not comfortable with. 

I purchased a new computer last week ( Mac Mini with M1 chip 16gb ram and 2tb ssd). My old computer (a Windows Surface Laptop with 8gb ram and 256gb hard drive with about only 30gb free space handles Audition WAAAYYY better than my Mac Mini and I need help with one issue in particular.


On top of the program crashing on my Mac, it won’t let me export the session file with a copy of all associated files. I contacted support and they just told me to try and use the “save all” option instead. But that is greyed out on my audition program. I have the latest version of audition and my computer is up to date. When I contacted Apple support, their only idea was for me to uninstall and reinstall Audition. I am going to give that at try.


When I hit “save” after using the pathway Export > Session and all associated files, nothing happens. On my Windows, a progress window will appear as it exports the file and then I will see the file in whatever folder I’ve selected. But on my Mac, I hit save and nothing happens, no error messages appear, and then when I view the folder I exported the session to, nothing is there. I’ve tried saving to different folders and even onto an external drive and nothing works.


Also, the particular waveforms and multitrack sessions that crashed on me were created on my Mac. So it’s not an issue of them being created on windows and then edited on mac. And all the files I’m using are stored locally on my Mac. I never get any error messages or crash reports. 


No matter what I said or asked, Adobe support only offered to send me links with information or to remotely access my computer. So, I’m hoping someone here has some information.


I want to export the session with a copy of all used files so that I can put this on an external hard drive as a backup, but also because I might end up returning this mac. I fear it’s not yet fully compatible with Adobe Audition in particular. And so far, no one has been able to help. Audition says it is compatible with M1 and Apple says Audition is a third-party application and that they can’t help.


On another note, has anyone experienced problems with Adobe Audition running slow and or crashing on new Mac computers without the intel processer?


Thank you for any information and help!


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