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lufs for multiple clip (same initial luf) end up with different luf value.

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Aug 19, 2021 Aug 19, 2021

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Hi, I compiled multiple clips from the team into one single clip. To ensure the clip volume do not vary much, we have set all clips submission to be 16luf. But when I compile all the clips into one, I noticed some clips tend to be louder/softer than the other and my final audio's luf is different from 16 luf. Normally I will have to look through the waves of the entire track to amend the volume.


I know luf measure the average loudness over time. so clip A with really loud and soft audio volume and clip B with constant audio volume can both give me 16 luf. Sometimes when it moves on to the next clip, there can be a sudden boom or the audio is extremely soft. How do I prevent this from happening? i.e. is there another parameter that each team member needs to adjust (besides luf) to so we'd get same volume for all clips? 


also, is it an absolute must to normalize all audio? All tutorials I've watched always do but I'm not a huge fan of the results.


Thank you very much for your help and guidance. 

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