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Multitrack Projects Lagging Badly

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May 03, 2021 May 03, 2021

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Hi there, I'm having an issue with lag (not latency) while editing multitrack projects with lots of clips in audition. I have a hotkey to select all clips to the right of the playhead, but every time I use this hotkey and try to move all the clips to the right of the playhead (hundreds of clips), I get at least a full five seconds of lag. This makes it virtually impossible to edit a podcast. 


I have a new Macbook Pro, SSD, which should be more than capable of running Audition. I have no effects going in my effects racks, no markers. What I'm editing is just two long audio files (an interview) that have been snipped up a whole bunch of times in Descript to remove verbal fillers and for flow. This project was started as an export from Descript, but it's happened with other projects that I started in Audition.  I just recently installed Audition less than a month ago and this has been a recurring issue. It happens mainly when I select a large number of clips and try and move them around, or when I try to ripple-delete. 


I've been reading through other similar threads and have failed to find a solution. If you have any ideas, I'm all ears! If I can't figure this out I'll have to give up my subscription and stick to Pro Tools, which is really not what I want to do 8)

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