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My Decibel Levels in a project keep droppping

New Here ,
Nov 02, 2023 Nov 02, 2023

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Hi, So I have been having an issue where I will record Audio in multi track session, With some FX and as the audio goes into the project it will be in what I plan as the correct decibel range (-9 - -3) But then, as I record more clips I will or I go back and delete sections of clips I notice it drops to at least -18 - -12. Thats When I have stopped and copied to a new project, and everything will be fine and the correct decibels for a few recording clips, and then they will drop again. I have set my mixing the Left right logarithmic thinking that would solve it, but it is still happening. I haven't exported anything so it isn't happening as part of a mix-down. Any idea of what I can do to stabilize the decibels to stay where they originally are?


Thanks for any help!

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