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Playhead in Audition is slow to move to a new position

New Here ,
Apr 26, 2020 Apr 26, 2020

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Hello everybody! I'm new to Auditon and this is also my first time posting to the community forum, so if I'm doing something wrong please bear with me 🙂


I've recently started using adobe Audition to edit a podcast. I've completed editing one episode with no issues at all, but now while on my second episode I've started getting the issue where whenever I click on the timeline to get my playhead to move to that position, it takes a few seconds for it to move. The longer I have the program open and the more edits i've made, the worse the problem seems to get. 


I have enough disk space available for the program to be used (still +- 30gb of free space), and my memory usage is also only around 50-60%, so the issue doesn't seem to be in that. I'm editing 9 voicetracks of +- 1.5h hours in length simultaneously; this is quite a lot, so i wouldn't be suprised for the program to start getting laggy, but it didn't have any problems the first time round. The only thing that's changed, is that I've added 1 extra track containing +- 1.5 minutes of music, I'm using a new microphone, and that i've had to update my Windows.


Besides the issue with  the playhead, my program runs very smoothly. Playback starts almost immediately and i'm also able to select and move around a bunch of clips at  the same time. I'm very new to this program, so I'm not sure if this is something that just... happens, or if there is another cause. My most likely guess is that something happened when I updated my Windows, but I'm not sure. 


If there's anyone that is able to help me figure out if this is a fixable problem, that'd be much appreciated! 

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