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Unable to remove Sibilance from voice over

New Here ,
Apr 12, 2024 Apr 12, 2024

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I need help finding a way to remove an annoying sibilance from this audio. The sound in question occurs frequently on the "T", making them sound like "Ths" or very harsh "T". I've tried one or multiple de-essers, multiband compressors, EQ, noise reduction, etc., but nothing works. I can't remove it manually, as it seems to be across multiple frequencies from 3.2k to 12.5k Hz. I can manage to tone it down with the EQs but lose a lot of clarity and can still be heard. I've also tried the healing tool on the spectral display without success. In the audio I've uploaded, you can clearly hear it, especially when the narrator says "Entertainment." I'm open to any solution.

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