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Adobe Bridge Beta is now available (

Adobe Employee ,
Oct 27, 2023 Oct 27, 2023

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We are happy to announce the release of Adobe Bridge Beta (


We have been tracking the issues reported on the latest release version of Bridge and have been working on fixing those issues.


With this Beta release, we're fixing many top customer-reported issues in the area of File Operations, Folder & Favorite Panel, Output Templates, Batch Rename, Collections, APD, and a few more. Please let us know if any fixes are not working well for you.


Steps to install/update


InstallGo to the Creative Cloud desktop app and select Beta apps in the left sidebar of the Apps panel. Then select install for your beta app.


Update: Go to the Creative Cloud desktop app, click on Update in the left sidebar of the Apps panel, and Check for updates. Then click update for your beta app.


Note: As always, the update will be rolled out incrementally. If you do not see the update in the Creative Cloud Desktop app, please wait for a couple of days till we release the Beta update to all users.


Fixed Issues:


Performance Issues

We have optimized the scrolling performance in the following areas.
  • Improved Scrolling experience when using the up/down arrow keys.
  • Smoother Trackpad/Mouse Scrolling (Windows devices).
  • Better scrolling performance when Drag-and-Drop assets in the content panel
  • Also reduced/minimized CPU usage when Bridge is idle.


File Operations

  • In Content Panel, after changing a file name, the tab key doesn't move you to the next file; instead it skips the next file and moves you to the one thereafter.
  • Image selection skip one file and selects third file in content panel after deleting a file and pressing forward arrow key.


Folders Panel

  • Folder collapses in folder panel after switching between workspaces.


Favorite Panel

  • Network bookmarks are lost when Bridge is launched in offline mode.


New Window

  • New window does not get opened in fullscreen/maximized


Output templates

  • Output templates are not getting migrate from 13.x to 14.0.


Batch Rename

  • Batch Rename dialogue causes crash in string substitution case when the substring to be replaced is not found.
  • By default, the Text “Default” is not selected under Preset in Batch Rename Window.


Collections Panel

  • By default, the Collection Name is not selected or in editable mode while creating New Collection.



  • [Mac]: Memory goes high, and Bridge hangs while removing/disconnecting the external drive after importing/browsing files from the external drive.
  • Get photos from camera not working



  • PageUp / PageDown button from keyboard is not working in Content panel.
  • Pressing "-" in content panel does not select the file if the file name contains "-“.
  • Placing multiple supported files in stager only processes one selected file, lacking proper error notification.
  • (Swedish Language) - Not keeping folder names with acute accent separately while sorting by file names.
  • [MAC] : Zip file creation generates duplicate entries/files in few non-English locales.
  • Stability and Security fixes


Note: The ACR UI is broken on macOS Sonoma in this Beta Build. For more info, see this: https://helpx.adobe.com/bridge/kb/ui-issue-with-camera-raw.html


Please try the build and provide feedback on the improvements you observe in these areas.


For more info on what a beta is and how you can participate, see Adobe Creative Cloud Beta FAQ






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