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Batch rename problems Bridge under MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1

New Here ,
Dec 04, 2020 Dec 04, 2020

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I am seeing numerous problems with Batch Renaming of files - all seem to be hinged on the ability of Bridge to maintain the filename list correctly. The problems that I see manifest in multiple ways. I have a directory of images, some of which have the same base name but different extentions (eg. HEIC and jpg). In attempting to rename a sub-set of these images I will sometimes see only some of the files renamed and it stops short of the full list of files but the sequence number gets advanced anyway - so it can stop at image # 15 but the sequence number got advanced to 18...... so it sees the filecount but didn't process the file itself. Other times it will see two files which have the same basename but one is HEIC and the other is JPG - it then gives each of them the same basename with the same sequence number. I see other oddities as well but these two manifestations likely identify where the root problem lies - and this root problem is likely the cause of all of the problems that I am seeing.


At present I can't trust the renaming of files so if this could be fixed that would help immensly.

Batch , Problem or error






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