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Bridge 13 Feature Requests

Explorer ,
Oct 27, 2022 Oct 27, 2022

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These are changes that would put the polish on what I think will ultimately be a very good version of Bridge.


1. With a complex Workflow, it is useful to reset it quite often, once it has strayed from it's default state. It would be great to have a shortcut key to do the reset.


2. The Tabs are not as visible (GUI style) as they could be and do not need the word 'Content' taking up space and obscuring the folder names.


3. The navigating areas of the top of the window (tabs, columns, works spaces, etc.) don't natively look like something to click on. The Application Bar, Folder Navigation Bar, Workspaces Bar, and Tabs, Look like the Columns and File Content.
What happened to designers using column header clors, and 3D effects etc.? Does everything have to be FLAT?


4. If all the photo files have identical filter properties (nothing to differentiate) the Filter panel is empty, as it has been for a few versions now. I prefer the older versions that would at least show you your selected filter parameters, and the single value the files had for each of them.


5. When adding a panel to a workspace window, couldn't the preceding tab layout be copied? We all have a default set of columns we like. Is there a setting where these defaults could be specified?


Feature request






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