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Bridge Forgets Thumbnails

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Oct 17, 2023 Oct 17, 2023

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I opened a folder in Bridge this afternoon.  I was working in the same folder literally yesterday.  Bridge had forgotten all of the thumbnails.  There are 1100 items in that folder, all psd's.  It took Bridge 27 minutes to RE-generate the thumbnails.


Meanwhile, I can't do anything in that folder - even on the files that Bridge has RE-generated the thumbnails because the files are jumping around all over.  I have no chance of finding a file and opening it in PS.


I minized the thumbnails in the Content window to as tiny as they would go to help speed up RE-generation - it didn't help.


My Bridge cache is 50GB.  I don't keep 100% previews in cache.  I had only been in one other folder since opening this one.


And people wonder why Bridge has such a reputation for wasting people's time.

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