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Bridge (and photoshop) processes persist after termination

New Here ,
Nov 05, 2022 Nov 05, 2022

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This has been happening for a couple of releases. When I exit Bridge or Photoshop, the window disappears but the process continues for up to 15 minutes using 17% cpu (my system has an Intel Xeon with 4 cores, 8 threads, 32 GB memory) so I think the 17% means that one thread is maxed out. I have no idea what either one is doing, and there is no corresponding frantic disc activity so I doubt that cache handling (especially for Bridge) is the issue. I've tried changing the Bridge setting for preview size to embedded (as several posts have suggested), but that has had no effect. The problem is that as long as these "zombie" processes continue I cannot restart either program. I'm sure that I cannot be the only one seeing this problem -- can anyone tell me what is happening, and how to stop it? I would like to think that these programs are doing something important, but there's no way for me to tell. What can I do other than using task manager to end the processes? - Ken







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