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Bridge - Bug? in Content Display of Thumbnails

Explorer ,
Jun 19, 2020 Jun 19, 2020

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When using the Batch Rename Tool to rename a group of selected files (thumbnails) by adding text AFTER the current filename, the rename causes the Content display to reset to the first file in the folder. The previously selected files remain selected, but their thumbnails (and new names) are not visible unless the user scrolls the content display down to their position. This is a frustrating waste of time! I can uderstand this happening if renaming causes the file list to reorder, but adding text AFTER the current filename does not cause the file list to reorder. It may be that there is a logical bug in the Bridge software that causes a the content display to reset after any Batch Rename. Please investigate and, I suggest a fix.

Batch , Bug , Performance , Problem or error







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