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Bridge Opens After Effects on Double-Click

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Feb 25, 2020 Feb 25, 2020

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When double clicking on any file type in Bridge, it opens After Effects. This is regardless of what program is selected in "File Type Association". Selecting Photoshop or Illustrator does not work, even when reset. From the looks of this support community, this glitch has been a problem for well over a year. "Updating After Effects" is the most moderator sited fix which has not, and still does not work (I'm updated on both Br 10.0.3 and Ae 17.0.2), and "Uninstall After Effects" has been the fix suggested by the community which just straight up isn't happening as After Effects is a program I use daily and bridge is just a support program.


Adobe Team, please, this needs a legitimate, long term, fix. It's unacceptable for a high-tier developer to have such a long standing, reoccuring bug associated with the 2nd most common computer imput (double-click). Please stop suggesting "have you tried turning it off and back on again?" or making buggy patches. It's unsulting to your users.


Glitch in Bridge, double clicking opens AE (April 12-15 2019) 

Bridge open all types of files in AfterEffects. (Apr 23 2019 - Dec 17 2019) 




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