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How do I keep Bridge (Mac) from trying to index $RECYCLE.BIN on a shared drive?

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Aug 30, 2023 Aug 30, 2023

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I'm trying to use Bridge to access a large shared image collection on a Windows server with primarily Windows clients. The collection is mostly in a set of subfolders, but the images have been extensively keyworded, so indexing is important to my being able to search the collection. When I attempt to search from the drive root and all subfolders, indexing begins, but according to the status bar never proceeds past the invisible "$RECYCLE.BIN" folder, presumaby because it lacks the permissions to index the contents.


My questions: 

  • Am I correct that Bridge getting stuck on this folder because of insufficient permissions? If so, should I expect this behavior from other folders for which I don't have Read permission? If not, what is the actual reason?
  • How do I get Bridge to ignore this folder and proceed indexing the rest of the drive? Deleteing or renaming the folder (to append ".noindex", for instance) is not an option.
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