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Is "Compact Cache" Actually Doing Anything Except Wasting My Time?

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Nov 06, 2022 Nov 06, 2022

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New with this release, virtually every time I open any folder (including one that I've been working in for days) I get a popup recommending I purge cache now.  I click on it, a popup appears saying it's purging cache.  But...

The popup always comes up with the progress bar at 25%, stays that way for about 8 seconds, then disappears.  Every time.  The progress bar never moves from the initial 25%.


And by the way, Bridge performance is worse than ever.  Every time I open a folder (again, even one that I've been working in for days) Bridge immediately starts consuming over 99% CPU.  And getting Bridge to do anything is slow and painful.  Lots of white screens with "Bridge is not repsonding," no ability to scroll up or down, etc.  And when I edit a file in PS, it takes upwards of 30 seconds for the PSD to appear in Bridge.


All of which is to say that Bridge is wasting a LOT of my time.



Windows 10 latest release


RTX 3080TI latest release driver

Data on a 14GB network drive, directly connected, 87% free

Bridge cache is on an SSD with 72% free

Bug , Performance , Problem or error







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