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Keywords Don't Work in Illustrator Files?

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Nov 15, 2019 Nov 15, 2019

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Hi, we generate tons of illustrations using Illustrator CC, so I started creating a keyword list in Bridge to make searching for stuff easier (the purpose of keywords, of course). I didn't want to get too far in without testing, so I applied a single keyword to an .ai file and searched. No result. It won't find the file. However, if I apply the same keyword to any raster image (.png, .jpg, etc.) it finds the file no problem. 


I didn't get any errors when I applied the keyword to the file, and it shows up when I view the Metadata in Bridge. So why won't search find it? Leads me to believe that .ai vector files won't work with keywords. True, or am I just doing something wrong?


Any help is greatly appreciated!

Keywords , Metadata







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