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Pet Peeve about Bridge and exact dimensions in inches

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Oct 08, 2021 Oct 08, 2021

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Going all the way back to the beginning of Bridge, I have always wondered why Thumbnails, dimensions in inches, does not show exact numbers. It is always rounded up from a tenth of an inch.


Example: a file described in Bridge shows a file as 15.2x22.6, yet when opened in PS it is 15.2x22.527.

I assume it is to save visual real estate but it requires opening every file to confirm exact dimensions in inches.


We often make print files with a fine black line around the image. So a 16x20 will show up as 16.1x20.1 with only 6 pixels added around for trimming. It assumes that we are good with the "estimated" numbers.


If dimesnions, singular is chosen in Thumbnails, the pixel dimensions are exact. Let's share the accuracy!

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