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Please help with adding and searching with Keywords in Bridge

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May 30, 2020 May 30, 2020

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Thank you so much in advance for ANY help you can provide me!!


I've switched from Lightroom Classic to Bridge for organizing my digital assets, (and certain groups of photos), due to the limited file types that LRC can work with.  I've spent many hours trying to learn, and organize, within Bridge, but my biggest problem has been using keywords. 


Over many years, while working in LR Classic, I’ve creating a keyword list, of maybe 1000 words or so, that is broken down into manageable categories and sub-categories. I've imported that keyword list from LRC into Bridge. 


How can I search for files by choosing keywords from my categories, and sub-categories?  Using “Find” doesn’t help since I don't necessarily know all the keywords I want to use until I open up select categories and see them.  Instead I have only found the "Filter Panel” which produces one, long, alphabetical list of keywords that are NOT sorted into their categories/sub-categories. Also, why are some keywords and categories missing? 


Sometimes I’ll see my keywords in a category named “Other Keywords”, I’ve used “control-click” and selected “persistent” when this happens.  Should I be doing this? Can the “persistent” option help me? What does that do or mean?


Also, I’d like to add keywords in the same manner, by choosing from my complete list of keywords, in their hierarchies.   As it is now, when I open up the "Keyword" panel, some of my keywords, and categories, are missing. Again, why are some keywords and categories missing from this panel as well?

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