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Regarding "Adobe Bridge Beta is now available (14.1.1)" and no word on perfomance?

Participant ,
Jun 16, 2024 Jun 16, 2024

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Hello Adobe!

Regarding the betas. Ok great you are fixing bugs of stuff that have been reported.

But whats going on with the HUGE problem with performance? Are you still working on this or have you given up??


This is REALLY important for you to be transparent about. Is this even fixable, as you said it stems from the new foundation? We had several video-meetings so you are aware of the problem that pretty much the entire community is experiencing.


WE need to know if YOU can fix this!
Otherwise we need to find replacements!

Adobe, please respond. Is this being worked on and can you get back to the performance of V12?
Everything less than V12 performance is not acceptable.


// Magnus Svensson
\\ www.mazstudios.com

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