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Smart Collections - Excessive Cache Activity

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Feb 03, 2022 Feb 03, 2022

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I have noticed that Bridge, in certain cases, uses excessive amounts of time reprocessing images to regenerate thumbnails for the cache (even if the thumbnails already have been cached earlier). I think this is new behavior as I have not noticed similar behavior in the past (not sure when it was introduced).


The setup is as follows (details below):


- I have several Smart Collections. The collections filter out image files with one or more rating stars in root folders with several subfolders. As a test for a dataset, I have used a smart collection as shown in the attached screenshot "SmartCollectionSetup.jpg". It looks in a folder called "raw". This folder has a number of subfolders. The subfolders all have a number of RAW files and a number of PSD files (see details below). "Include All Subfolders" is checked. "Include Non-indexed File..." is not checked.


- When starting Bridge with this Smart Collection active, Bridge starts more or less immediately and there little or no indexing or cache activity noticed (as expected, since cache data has already been generated on earlier runs).


- However, when letting the Bridge application window go out of focus (bringing another application window to the front), and the again bringing the Bridge app window into focus (bringing Bridge to the front) this happens:


> Bridge immediately starts to rescan image files and to rebuild their previews!
> This process goes on for quite some time on my (rather fast) hardware.


> Bridge spawns more than 1000 worker threads and saturates my 16-core /32-thread CPU (close to 100% for the whole time). See attached screen shot "task-manager.jpg".


> As indicated by the screen shot of Resource Monitor (attached as "resource-monitor.jpg"), Bridge seems to only regenerate thumbnails for the RAW files (no sign of reprocessing the PSD files).


> During this period the PC is of course somewhat slow. And this happens all the time when going back and forth between Bridge and for example Photoshop (opening images in Photoshop from Bridge etc.).


> Bridge never gets in a state where it is satisfied that the cache is up to date (this negates the purpose of a cache of course).


I have tested this on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.



  • 1 root folder
  • 35 subfolders
  • 6996 files total
  • 5099 RAW files (Canon CR2, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)
  • 941 PSD files (Photoshop w/embedded RAW files)



Out of focus, into focus in Smart Collection (already scanned earlier) :

  • ~1 minute rescanning, rebuilding
    Message: "Generating thumbnails"


Launch Bridge in Smart Collection (already scanned earlier) :

  • ~00:00 minutes:seconds

System info:

OS-1: Windows 10 Pro x64 version: 21H2 - Os build 19044.1466
OS-2: Windows 11 Pro x64 version: 21H2 - Os build 22000.469

Adobe Bridge version :
Adobe Photoshop version : 23.1.1
Adobe Camera Raw version :

CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X - 16-Core - 32 Threads
Memory: 64 GB
System/Bridge Cache disk: Force MP600 NVMe PCI Express 4.0 - 1 TB
Data/Image disks: Samsung SSD 870 EVO SATA - 4TB

Bug , Performance , Problem or error






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