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Sony A6400 Camera ARW file problems

Community Beginner ,
Aug 05, 2019 Aug 05, 2019

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I download the files shot on the Sony A6400 camera from a memory card using Adobe Bridge CC Photo Downloader (I will call this the "Downloader" from now on). I check the box "CONVERT TO DNG" before I initiate the download. However, when the files are opened in Adobe Camera RAW and subsequently in Photoshop CC 2019 (latest update) they have not been converted to DNG and remain as an ARW suffixed file.

When I am working in PS CC with a ARW file even if I subsequently save the ARW file to another file format such as JPEG, I cannot access my NIK Software via the Photoshop CC Filter Menu download. (PROBLEM #1)

However, when I download the files from my Sony A6500 camera (also checking the "CONVERT TO DNG" box), The files open in Camera RAW as DNG files.  I can then, when I have the DNG files in Photoshop CC, access the NIK software through the Photoshop Filter Drop down Menu.

I realize that the A6400 is a relatively new camera and that the Downloader of Bridge CC 2019 may not be able to recognize the files.

HOWEVER! I can convert the ARW files from the A6400 camera to DNG using the latest issue of Adobe DNG Converter that I downloaded two days ago.

If the DNG Converter can do the conversion, why can't the Bridge CC Downloader convert the ARW files to DNG? (PROBLEM #2)

How can I work around these problems? It really slows down my work flow if I have to do the download and DNG conversion in two separate steps. (PROBLEM #3)






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