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Update after meetings regarding horrible performance of Bridge 13-14

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Jan 18, 2024 Jan 18, 2024

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I recently had a great teams meeting with the Bridge team themselfs talking about the performance issues that came after 12 and have been ever so present. I have been very vocal about this in the forums, and I will continue to be until solved. But I finally got some cold facts about what is going on, and thats a great step in the right direction. I only wish they would communicate this in the forums.


They sure do know what is going on and they are trying to fix it.
But wtf happened?


Well, it all comes down to a new code foundation they implemented. All this with the new tab system for multiple content panels and so forth. THIS is the source of all our troubles. And of course it's part of whats been implemented in all the apps, sort of. It's a new foundation to better talk with each other I guess. The old one was starting to be limiting for the Bridge Team and it had to be replaced. At least, that's how I understood it.


But. If Adobe asks me (and they kindly  did), I would rather get rid of this new tabbed features and get the performance back. It's like, how can I miss something I didnt have before 13-14? I rather have the speed. I do love the new tabbed experience and would like it to stay. But NOT at the cost of performance.


They are trying to optimize the code for the new foundation. But the Bridge Team is apparently very small, and there is only so many hours on a day. And, optimizing to me is not getting back to default speed in 12. It's like...making it a LITTLE better. But not good.


And that doesn't fly for me. So, I hope they keep 12 as long as possible, because if they HAVE to continue to work with this new code, it will probably never get back to a workable Bridge again. Unless a miracle happens.


I really appriciated them talking to me, face to face even. But if this doesn't get fixed I'm leaving Adobe for other solutions. It's like a great relationship that has this big flaw that gets int he way for everything that could be really awesome. But this "new you" Adobe, isn't up my alley.


It's not you...it's me 🙂


I really hope this mess will get fixed.


As always, with Love

// magnus



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