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What video formats does Bridge import?

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Jul 17, 2022 Jul 17, 2022

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I'm mostly a still photographer and I use and love Lightroom Classic but I now have grown up to use Canon's R5 and R5C and their RAW video files with a suffix of .CRM.  Canon also has XF-AVC files with a suffix of MXF.  LR Classic doesn't import either of those.


So I'm looking for something that can give me some basic house keeping functionality and Bridge seems to do this.  I've used Bridge before LR existed but I don't recall much about it.  Bridge appears to have keywords, collections, etc.  That is really what I'm looking for.  The question is what file formats does it understand?


Added sweeteners on top would be the ability to select a set of clips and send them to Premiere Pro as a new project but that is way down on the list.  Right now I'm just looking for a way to keep track of all of my raw footage.


Import and export






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