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R190 System Update - Scheduled to go live September 10th, 2013

Adobe Employee ,
Sep 05, 2013 Sep 05, 2013

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We are announcing a new Business Catalyst release, scheduled to go live on Tuesday, September 10th.

Please refer to our blog post for an overview of all major changes.

In this release, we're introducing the ability to set metadata for products, similar to the previous feature we've done for blogs.

To show the Products Meta description, change the HTML for the Individual Product Large Layout to include the corresponding tags in the <head> tag. You can use {tag_productmetatitle} and {tag_productmetadescription} to output the product title and meta description, and they can be used for other meta properties as well.

Here's a code snippet:




  <meta content="{tag_productmetadescription}" name="description" />

  <meta content="{tag_productmetatitle}" property="og:title" />

  <meta content="{tag_productmetadescription}" property="og:description" />



...... rest of the product template code..........



To populate the Meta description for your products, you can use the product import - we've updated the export and the import files with a Product Meta Description column, it's the last column in the import template file.

Note: You still need to import all the product information (fill in all the rows and columns) even if only wanting to update the Product Meta Description.

Issues fixed in September release                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Issue #Description
3573073When displaying webapp items, the output of {tag_addtofavorites} does not change to "Remove" once that webapp item is added to the favourites list
3573985Viewing all campaigns causes a page crash, when having a large number of follow up campaigns
2892073The Reports-> Summary-> Visitors-> Visits by source-> Referral report includes the site domain in the list of referrals
3117057Re-arranging form fields is not saving properly, when having a large number of fields in the webform
3580368 Importing Wordpress blogs does not work with some specific import files
3591212 Customer Service Ticketing no longer sends emails to relationship users, when replying to a case
3590455Customer Service Ticketing no longer sends emails to the BCC email address specified in the CST Settings
3567997You get "An error occurred processing credit card" error when submitting a webform by using an Auto-fill browser extension, and that webform has the Anti-Bot Fraud Protection field enabled (has the module_ccsecurity in the webform HTML)
3579750Orders placed through PayPal standard are processed at Paypal, even though the "Do not finalize my PayPal transactions" Paypal Standard option is enabled, under E-commerce->Payment Gateways
3513305 Enable ability to set meta data for catalog pages and products pages, without having 2 metadata descriptions on the products detail pages
3599751Exporting campaign list subscribers downloads only 4 columns (full name, email address, optin status and subscribe date) - enable ability to download more customer details
3513665Cannot set Role Responsible for Products through import/export of products
2876577 "Tax Never applies" product option is exported as a blank value like the "Tax Not applicable" option. Also, importing products with "Tax Never Applies" does not set the tax to "Tax never applies"
2866150Pages imported as 301 redirects should be set to be "Excluded from search results" so they don't show up in the search results

System updates






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Adobe Employee ,
Feb 17, 2014 Feb 17, 2014

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You can do this now, here's an example:

Use <meta content="{tag_productmetadescription}" name="description" /> in the Individual Product - Large layout for products

and  <meta content="{tag_description}" name="description" /> in the Overall Layout.

When accessing the detail view (individual product - large) of any product from a specific catalogue, you'll see the respective product's description, while when accessing the catalogue view, where all products are displayed with the individual product - small layout, the catalogue description will be used.

Kind Regards,

Alex Pavelescu





Community guidelines
Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Learn more
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