-100 saturation is turned into B&W (greyscale) when processed in new versión. 13.0.1

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Oct 23, 2020 Oct 23, 2020

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Hi all, to avoid that my black and white pictures are bad impressed when mixed with color one in an album, I keep them in RGB.
In Camera Raw I keep on using Adobe color profile and use my sliders for proper contrasts, include color mixes to "filter" the black and white values, only that I put saturation at - 100  to get to black and white.
Since last version, when batch processing from Bridge to Photoshop (image processor), these pictures are turned into greyscale and now I have to re-open all of these and change the scale to -99.

¿Any idea? To me it'as an Adobe bug, except if there's a new hidden setting that I don't know that would able to disable that conversion.







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