Arrange Adobe Camera RaCR Presets in Personal Groups/Folders

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Aug 02, 2022 Aug 02, 2022

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I would hope that someone can help me arrange my presets into folders that I can establish. My current presets are a mess, over 200. They are in groups, subjects, styles, portraits that have no meaning to me. I would like the groups/folders to be for example Black & White, Filter Pouch, Color, Sky, Tone, and be able to place the presets into these folders. When I go to the folder it has only i.e. B&W presets in that particular folder or grouping.

I have gone to the common file stated Users/Name/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/CameraRaw/Settings and have arranged my presets in the folders I desire. It made no difference. I can load a preset from this folder into ACR presets and the photo changes to the preset but I cannot find where it remains after I am done and switch off of that preset. Do I have to load each individual preset and save it in the folder I just retrieved it from and then move to the proper group/folder? I can than establish a new group/folder to put the preset in; but I have to load-then save-then move to the group desired, each individual preset. There has to be a far better way to perform this nightmare.

Some presets already listed I am unable to move. Some presets already listed I can't delete. These are not Adobe presets. The option does not appear when you right click.

Do I have to zip the folder and then unzip it in Photoshop. The file folder with the xmp files is already in the designate folder that the unzipped folder supposedly goes to.

I would like to see an Adobe folder where you can arrange the xmp files into folders/groupings you have established. You should be able to perform this task like moving files on a computer. If the xmp files are locked, corrupt, you just will not be able to use that file in ACR presets and it will not be available or visible for you to use. 

Looking for some valuable advice to avoid this annoying and frustrating process. Thank you for your time.

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