Camera Raw 9.10.1: Transform upright guided perspective correction issue

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Jul 17, 2017 Jul 17, 2017

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Sorry if this is unclear as I'm not great with explanations, but I think there's an annoying little bug in Camera Raw, specifically the Upright Transform feature, even more specifically the "guided" option.

So, I do real estate photography full time and I use the transform tool for upright/perspective correction in Camera Raw for practically every image I shoot. I bracket exposures so when correcting distortion and perspective it's extremely important that every image in a set lines up exactly, so I do batch edits for some adjustments.

The issue I have is when I select a batch that I've bracketed to correct together as a group, when I use the Guided Upright tool, there is usually one photo in the bracket that does not adjust with the others. So, when I first noticed this was a problem, after I would draw my guide lines I would synchronize the batch, which is annoying but somehow has worked its way into my muscle memory. But then I noticed that even then, it doesn't always synchronize the transformation through the set. Also, synchronizing the set as opposed to applying the one change to the selected set of images can be a big time-waster as well when you're dealing with thousands of images per day, and end up having other adjustments overwritten such as white balance or exposure, and going back to recorrect everything once again.

By the way, this issue only applies to the guided upright tool where you draw the little lines, not the automatic. Auto works just fine, but sometimes auto is not always correct as one would expect. Is this just a bug or some reason this does not work? Has anyone else experienced or noticed this? Hopefully this gets worked out in an update. I use this tool all the time and it's a shame when I have to throw a bracket out because it didn't adjust with the rest of them.







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