Camera RAW sometimes adds yellow/green tint

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Nov 10, 2021 Nov 10, 2021

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Hello everyone,


I'm using Camera RAW 13.0 with PSE 2021 to fix colors in a lot of RAF images by applying camera profiles (created in the ColorChecker app):

I open the images (not more than 50 at a time atm), wait for the previews to load, then select all and pick the profile (.dcp file) I copied into the "CameraProfiles" folder. Afterwards I export the images as TIF files, either directly through PSE (press "Open", then "File -> Process multiple files") or Bridge (press "Done" to save the changes in the xmp files, then "Right-click -> Export to" in Bridge).


The issue I'm having: Some of the exported images get a weird tint: When I was working with ACR a couple of months ago (older version) it was rather brown-ish, currently it's green/yellow. If I load the original RAF file (with its xmp companion file) in ACR again, the tint shows up there too and if I pick a different profile and then the actual one again, the tint is usually gone.


I usually check all images after applying the profile, so I'm not sure if something goes wrong applying it and I just haven't noticed it so far or if  "Done" or "Open" cause the problem. The tint does show up in Bridge's preview too, so at least the actual image export is working fine.


Here are two images. With the tint:


With the profile applied correctly:


What could be causing this?








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