color profiles of smart objects lost after update to 19.1.2

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Apr 16, 2018 Apr 16, 2018

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after updating to 19.1.2 I encounter the following problem: I have a psd file with smart objects created from raw files. When I double click the smart object, I get the Adobe Camera Raw window, where I find the color profiles in the new location, the 'basic' tab. But... it does not display the color profile that I have used to create the smart object. It displays 'Adobe Color'. When I do not change anything and just click OK, the color profile of the smart object is changed to 'Adobe Color', thus changing the color of the smart object. The same problem probably causes the following: when I open this psd file and convert it from 8 to 16 bits/channel, the color of the whole image changes in the same way. I guess what happens is that Adobe Camera Raw recalculates the smart object to render them in 16bits/channel, using 'Adobe Color' instead of the color profile that I had used before to create these smart objects.

All my previously created color profiles did migrate to the new version of Camera Raw: when I browse through the color profiles I found them under 'profiles'.

Still: could the problem be that all my color profiles should be in a certain Adobe directory for Camera Raw to be able to recognize the original profile that was used to create the smart object?

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