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CR2 Files Causing Bridge to Close - Raw Plugin Fix?

Community Beginner ,
Jun 02, 2022 Jun 02, 2022

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Great - all the text I just added was erased when I changed the 'Conversation Type' from Discussion to Bug.  Let me type this again....

I opened up this bug I am encountering with Bridge:


So, while I am encountering this in Bridge, there seems to be some sort of Camera Raw dependency.  I am unsure if the Camera Raw App is utilized by Bridge when creating the thumbnails, but I see how there is a possibility there is some shared code library used by both to handle the CR2 files.

What has me wondering if I am on the right path is that while I originally thought this was just with Bridge 12.0.2 I am now encountering this with my Bridge CS6 7.0.  In the few articles I have read, it seems like CS6 and CC use different Camera Raw plugins, so I would think CS6 would have been isolated.  Any thoughts on what driver/library/app is shared between CS6 and CC and what I can try reverting to?  This is a new issue, as I have recently moved to CC (about a month ago) and my Bridge CS6 never showed this problem for many years.

Thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks.







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