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Custom camera profiles not selectable in combination with DNG converter

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Aug 23, 2017 Aug 23, 2017

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I'm running ACR ver. (i.e. the last one for Photshop CS3).
I'm also creating custom camera profiles using the QP Calibration tool.

This all worked fine for some time, the custom QP profiles that I created for my camera (Ricoh GR) was possible to select in ACR using the Camera calibration tab.
Please note that the Adobe standard profile for Ricoh GR wasn't supported when ACR ver. was released. But as Ricoh makes use of standard dng files I relied on the embedded profile in combination with custom QP profiles.

However, I later bough another camera (Nokia 1020) with a slightly different dng-file format, that was neither supported by my ACR version nor the QP calibration tool. So I decided to install the DNG converter ver. (that is compatible with my ACR version). This also works fine i.e. I can now convert the Nokia files in the DNG converter, then build QP custom profiles for the Nokia device and make use of them in ACR. Please note that the Nokia device isn't supported by any Adobe standard profiles.

But at this Point, i.e. after installing the DNG converter, the custom QP profiles for my Ricoh GR suddenly stopped working.
I can still see them in the proper library (C:\users\myName\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\Cameraproiles\ ), but they are no longer available from ACR.
Instead I got a lot of new Adobe standard profiles installed in my old ACR version. Images taken with the Ricoh GR can thus now make use of the Adobe standard profile (in addition to the embedded one). But for some reason it seems like ACR stops looking for custom camera profiles if a Adobe standard profile is available.

I still would like to use custom QP profiles with my Ricoh GR camera, any idea how to make this happen?
If not possible, can I somehow revert to the old set of cameras that was originally supported by ACR ver.








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