Input value box of sliders aren't switched upon clicking on them with the new update

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Mar 14, 2021 Mar 14, 2021

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Ever since the new update was implemented, the manual-value-input boxes aren't automatically switching to the slider you're currently using anymore.


For example: Let's say I slide the exposure slider to -1,30. I then afterwards slide the contrast slider to +17. I now want to manually change the contrast value to 5 instead of 17. I press 5 on my keyboard to change it to 5 instead of 17. Before this update, the contrast would now change to 5. But with the new update, in this instance, Camera Raw would still be stuck on the input-box for exposure, meaning the exposure instead of contrast will be changed to 5.


This is heavily disrupting my workflow, as I've e.g. found a quick way to toggle between the default value (0) of a slider and something I've set to is by pressing 0 and CTRL + Z on my keyboard respectively backwards and forwards, while looking at the photo I'm editing. To do the same thing now, I would have to now have to look at the slider, and then double click on the spot the slider is set at, ONLY to reset it. So, for many situations, a single button press vs something that takes much longer and requires more precise movement.







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