Linked Image Not Updating Camera Raw Changes

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Feb 18, 2019 Feb 18, 2019

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The good news is that I am almost certainly simply doing something wrong, so this should be an easy fix.

My problem is that when I make Camera Raw changes in Adobe Bridge to linked image in Photoshop, I'm not seeing the changes update in Photoshop. When I watch my instructor do the same thing on a video, her linked images update.

Here's how I can recreate the problem.

I view a photo in Adobe Bridge and open it with Camera Raw, make a few adjustments and click "Done." The changes seem to be permanent (e.g. if I close then reopen Bridge, or jump back into Bridge after being in Photoshop, the changes seem to be there).

I open Photoshop and use File > Place Linked.... to import the image. When I do so, the image opens in a Camera Raw "environment" and displays the same thing I see in Bridge (i.e. the same adjustments I made in Bridge appear here). I click "Done" and the images appears in my Photoshop composition.

If I go back to Bridge and use Camera Raw again to make further changes, then jump back into Photoshop, I experience one of two things (seemingly at random):

  • I'll notice that Photoshop is updating the image (I notice a spinner), but it updates it to the pre-adjustment state, the state the image was in before I ever made any adjustments to it at all in Bridge. In Bridge I can continue to make adjustments using Camera Raw and each adjustment saves as I would expect. No further adjustments ever occur in Photoshop however.
  • More commonly, nothing at all happens. The image remains just as it appeared when I placed it, and no further changes in Bridge are ever reflected in Photoshop.

If I delete the image from Photoshop and re-import it using "Place Linked..." I see the most recent Camera Raw changes, and the cycle kind of repeats.

Am I right in thinking I should be able to work this way...I should be able to make Camera Raw edits in Bridge and see linked images in Photoshop reflect those updates?

Is there something I'm doing wrong in how I'm updating or linking? In the sequence I'm following or something?

Here are a few technical details.

I'm on a MacBook Pro 15 inch, 2018 2.9 GHz i9 with 32 GB Ram and macOS Mojave 10.14.3

Photoshop CC 20.0.3. In Photoshop if I follow "About Plug-Ins > Camera Raw" I see version

Bridge I see version

Thanks very much in advance.







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